by Kevin Paylor

The blood of Generation X
spilt on a splattered
Altar of mammon.
A God that is spelt
backwards is Dog.
Now there is a Bitch
in heaven.

Laws to create legitimating
myths to demonise and rewrite history.
The opposite of Liberty
empowerment and growth.

Power is stazi, pigeon-holing
Empowerment is hope. Freedom; aspire
To soar like an eagle.
Cry Freedom! Unleash the
Creative Verve, the quiet force
of beauty with minimal New Wave.

The man of virtuous soul commands not
nor obeys.
Power like a pestilence pollutes whatever
it touches
To the man of passion, Freedom and truth
it pays
Fight the filthy demon of mammon and
its clutches
obedience, bane of all creative acts of
Clipping the Wings of the Artist’s free flight
Punk with its individuality and verve gives light
Andy Warhol, Sex Pistols and Conrad beckon
the soul

Away from this cooped-up bowl we crawl
An egg-timer of running sand from Pole to Pole.
Life disappearing, not heeding the New Wave Call!
Steel shutter of Punk slams with a crash
Cutting the chains, have a go, almighty Clash!


A mode of operation; coupled
with faith. Empower to interact, express and feel.
Style to give meaning. Sustainable growth. RESPECT!
Communication by effective
positive declarations of clear intent
Reaction by inclusion of natural
Community Resource
Developed by calculated precision,
timed for activation, based on intelligence,
Sensitivity, observation and Raw Verve.
Indeed to navigate the Ocean
of life. The river-compass



Looking upwards, the diamond
studded night sky. Realise
we are but a grain of sand
on the shoreline of an all
embracing Celestial Sea.

Why worship mammon?
We have within beautiful verve.

Patterns occur naturally without
structure of Laws; no reason to
impose or justify.
Time is irrelevant. A
man-made Terrestrial Construct.
Useless in the Celestial. Law Negated.

Chaos is the New Wave

Staccato beat. Universe at rest,
Wilderness. Free from distraction.
Choose Liberty, delve into
the ‘Ocean of Tears’. Compassion.

© Kevin Paylor, 2016