by Kevin Paylor

With unfathomable stoicism
Captain Sensible flicked the switch.
A nation looking inward,
incestuous and unsavoury.

The Civil War had resulted
in mass emigration and taking to the oceans.
Outward looking people
nauseated by Big Brother and X-Factor Britain.

Destruction of the welfare state;
thugs in Law enforcement
and hatred between the generations
of haves and have nots.

Britain had become a Banana Republic; replacing the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ and wholesome Social-Democracy.

The Seafarers of the Back Ensign had succeeded in Colonising the Oceans, while the rest of Britain marooned in front of their TVs; force fed 3rd rate propaganda of scroungers and other Common Enemies to Divide and Rule.

Now half-way through the 21st Century; a new breed of human was emerging; A Gogglebox Junkie, TV The Opus of the nation.

The mad parade of politicians standing on car-roofs with megaphones making an exhibit of Celebrity Culture.

Scientists, engineers, great thinkers and bona-fide faith leaders had long subscribed to the Black Ensign. Looking outward, embracing the now and vast expanses in Contrast to ‘Little Britain’; gagging for the next fix of electronic generated self-gratification.

In Britain everybody was a celebrity, watching themselves on the overriding transmitters of the Black Ensign. Flashing images of selfies on a screen.

How Captain Sensible was to kill the Transmissions’ override and effectively reduce everybody to the Void, to negotiate the realisation of nothingness, a buzzing White noise.

White Dot. The End.

© Kevin Paylor, 2016