by Danni Laycock

On arrival to the third planet of a similar galaxy to our own, my first observation is hearing a roaring sound that seems to choke, splutter and hum all at once.

On sight of the roaring contraption I am rather alarmed.

How strange.

It is a form of cube with inner ends, parts appear transparent but overall a solid box.

There are five spears present, four rotating, supporting the mass and allowing it movement.

One internal, this one of different appearance. Clearly the leader, as it appears to be directing the other four as it turns, perhaps through a communication device of some sort.

Speculation of course at this point. A strange fleshed organism is rotating the lead spear.

The outside has a makeup of a number of materials that shine, for the most parts.

Black smut bellows from a pipe at the back.

Rather unsanitary and primitive indeed. The chunk grounds to a halt and becomes silent.

A slice of the cube is breaking away displaying the centre.

I noticed a second fleshed creature. They climb out of its bowels and make noises to each other.

Noted: Lock the car

© Danni Laycock 2016