By Bob Blogworthy

I can play with words
Mix them up and make them fit
In time to end this….
Haiku, shit!


I thought, mused
Then pondered
on the life I’d squandered

I like darts
there’s less repercussions
For ending up in the wrong bed.

Punk Judy
Happy chick, hinkey shit
Number one, troubles gone

What brilliance, what majesty what splendour
What freedom must we surrender
When we learn how to train the brain
To frame is to constrain.


Clocks go back
Evenings darker nights longer
As summer’s colours fade they steal the light
Decay begins


Here again
Time no longer a commodity
More a burden hard to fill


Home alone
Winter still

Today I saw a spaceman and if it’s still there tomorrow….


I’m not saying you’re inbred
But your aunty, Sister Joan, isn’t a nun.

© Bob Blogworthy