by Pat Miller

I used to be a dare devil
I always rose to another level
I’ve got the bruises and the scars
But that never stopped me going bizarre.
I used to jump from buildings
And on ice I used to skate
But still I was living
Cos it never decided my fate.
But now I need to find something else to do
Before I lose the plot and I don’t have a clue.
I think I will go and ride
A big snowboard down the snow side
And then go skiing
And try not to bump into another human being.
So on the snowboard I go
Starting quick but definitely not slow
I glide down the snowy slope
Oh my God I’ve hit the pope
I pick myself up and I leg it
With the pope chasing me saying “you’re gonna get it”
At last I find a hiding place
Inside a dustbin, not out of space
At least for now the pope won’t find me
Since I’m stuck in a bin that’s horrible and grimy
Oh well what shall I do now?
The pope has gone riding a cow.
I think I will get out of this place
Then go and visit out of space
I will probably be safe there!
Oh wait, what should I do?
I’ve lost the plot and I don’t have a clue!

┬ęPat, 2016