by Adam Francis Bell

As I try to find my safe inner shelter in my mind’s eye to help me and guide me out of my turmoil I was going through. Life to me was like going down a helter-skelter with twists and turns into empty rooms with empty faces in all my spaces withe everyone, everywhere, everybody, everything was so confusing at first until I washed away all my bad thoughts and words which made Converge emerge from my darkest ashes. It flet like a breath of the kindest air which moved everywhere, as I stare and talk about all my black and white into grey moods that would usually stay for days. As I ring the final bell like a symphony to lock the doors of hell forever and then try to encourage myself as I knew it has been written in the stars. Please play the game then try to rest your barin before it became insane then repeat it all again read exactly what is written on the sheet and never ever miss a beat as I sit down on my seat.

©Adam Frances Bell, 2016.