by Adam Francis Bell

When I was feeling cold truth be told through the rocky times at that hardest moment of hardship of rhythm and rhyme and spirits in my mind in time as the clock chimes
I was in my inner me. Sometimes I look at them When I start to see and daydream turn straight into a once upon a time in the world of make believe. We go it alone on my own now and now I wanna see your face to be heard as I want to know what we can be in our lives I can see you all the time in the life as I knew it and I see the moon that shines so bright in the haze in the moonlight.

I hear the wolves and they cry at the wall as they go by I see their eyes piercing down the mountainside.

I always see their breath in the dark in the night sky I know I can see you but can you see me?

©Adam Francis Bell 2016.