by Jonathan Edwards

Eric Super Hero

A boy of 12/13 in Crewe dedicated and devoted to his passion of Man United December 1996 – 20 years ago.

One inspiring player with a rebel image, tremendous skill, strength and great ability.

Hooray pies and a lucky elephant always added to the match day experience.

Eric Happy Ending

A day which began Christmas shopping in Crewe with my mum and sister ended with a dream come true. A dad with friends for United tickets through work at Rolls Royce and Bentley landed on some tickets for united vs Sunderland.

Panic stations! He had a cell phone but I was out shopping with mum and sister so how could he get hold of me. Panic Alert! But he found me by Burton menswear, we had to then rush off to Knutsford in Cheshire to pick the tickets up and after such a panic we were there on time.

Having had tea and toast at Rebecca’s café with my mum and sister it was time for a hooray pie, meat and potato and a smell that will never leave me.

Eric Le God

Obsessed with the warm up and a guy who was French. The double winners were ready for business. Eric in the number 7 who scored a goal which sent me to heaven would make me happy once again. United had no number 10 on the pitch,  but a Norwegian baby faced assassin named Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who wore number 20 and looked like he should have been in my form at Sandbach School.

Ole scored two with a bundle of energy and belief, but Eric’s body language and sense of urgency was a driving force and having scored a penalty and at 4-0 Eric’s gift for me came so close to Christmas but unwrapped early. Having seen Eric do some great things this was a dream. A one two with McClair, he lifted the ball over Perez a fellow French keeper.

The King

Eric had scored one of the greatest goals ever and I was there and it was a moment to treasure. My Dad turned to me inside Old Trafford and said Jonny boy Eric’s scored a fantastic goal.

Eric turned around with his arms out and looked like Napoleon a chip, a lob, a gift from God.

What a Goal!

All legends Wear 7 

I remember thinking I am in heaven because I can see God. I was there when Cantona did that!

The football world took notice. I watch that Chip from Cantona back even now to music by Gypsy Kings and New Order!

True Faith!

Reliving that moment can help to conquer my depression.

Cantona 7 – Inspiration!

A moment from football heaven came in September 2015, me and my dad were taken to watch United vs Sunderland by his boss Andy and our current Number 7, Memphis scored.

We still sing Cantona’s name and my dad has since retired but that moment, that goal by King Eric will be in my mind forever!

Forever the king that is Eric.

©Jonathan Edwards, 2016