by Adam Frances Bell

As I walk
through this dull darkened and discoloured
atmospheric and dampened building
of this unnerving bleak alien grand Manor House
of which once had a heart that beats
of the people who was struck down and locked away
out of sight out of their minds
as mental illness grew day by day so did the frustrations and anger
when the society wouldn’t hear and see them again.

As I walk
around I started seeing people of bygone days
ghosts of the mind called screamers and
zombie medicated dreamers
in this real but virtual paranoid existence
in this vivid scary reality
sub-Victorian way they used to live and breathe
like caged animals in a human zoo
which they had no clue what to do for the afflicted and mentally unstable

Just wish they was able to make a difference for them
instead there insanity
was to much for the humanity
and society
old fashioned ways to lock and sweep under the carpet
of the lost souls in this evil
producing stigmatized views
from professional people
who should know what to do.

© Adam Frances Bell 2017