by John Manby

Andrew knew he was going to the cafe today ,so got dressed up to the nines, it was going to be a testing day he thought, he even manage to get the right amount of change for the espresso he usually ordered, he thought he knew Minny liked it if you had the right change.
At the cafe Andrew took his normal seat which was vacant, a good view of Minny and the surroundings she worked in,Andrew was besotted with Minny, and loved the way she walked, talked, even the way she flicked her hair back.

Minny came over to Andrews table. “Hi,”she said, “Can I take your order Andrew?”
Well, because Minny had used Andrews first name, this sent him weak at the knees, it was a good job he was sat down.
Now how was he to react? Bold, positive, no, instead in a high, anxious, spluttering voice, “Espresso please.” Minny smiled, and gave out a little giggle. Andrew immediately thought, ohh shit that`s blown it what am I to do now, I am not coming over very macho.
 Minny was  hardworking, saving for her first car, she didn’t really like her job; once she had saved enough money for her car, she would be off. Wednesdays were her pet hate, that Andrew would be in again ogling her. She thought, it was obvious, even to her, that this Andrew had the hots for her, but she didn’t think flaunting would upset him, but this particular day he was suited and booted. She had to hold herself in check, otherwise she would have burst out laughing.
She thought this Andrew was a dork. Unbeknown to Andrew Minny was gay. When Andrew had ordered his espresso, she thought to herself, right, he’s not going to come in here again once I have spilt his drink on his crotch. Minny had a vile sense of humour, and serving dorks wasn’t in her resume.
Andrea was the manager of the cafe. Wednesdays were one of the quiet days, and Andrea liked running a good clean orderly cafe, she was a seasoned professional.
Even Andrea had noticed the way Andrew ogled Minny, and commented a few times to Minny not to encourage him. In Andrea’s way of thinking it always ended in disaster.
This Wednesday, she also noticed that Andrew was dressed rather smart, and wondered wether he had a job interview or some other important meeting, so when Minny started giggling at something Andrew had said, she thought she would have to have a word with her. Andrea knew Minny was gay, and secretly homophobic, but this didn’t sway her opinion of Minny, Minny was really good at her job.
Minny was carrying a tray with Andrews espresso, but alas one of her shoe laces was undone. All of a sudden, Minny shrieked “ahh!” She had tripped, and Andrew’s espresso went flying; instead of flying towards Andrew, it flew towards the door. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, the door was opening, that’s when the owner Marcos was coming in, and yes the espresso splashed all over his trousers. Well immediately Andrea ran over, but Andrea wasn’t  thinking quite right, because all she had in her hand was a little serviette, and like something out of a carry on film started dabbing Marcos`s crotch. With this Andrew started laughing, a real deep belly laugh, Marcos swept Andrea aside, and angrily he boomed “What the hell are you laughing at?” to Andrew. Andrew still couldn’t stop laughing. Marcos was incensed, not just by being soaked by Minny but because Andrew was enjoying himself, at Marcos`s expense. Marcos strode over to where the coffee machine was situated, and pulled a cup full of hot water. He then strode over to Andrew and delicately dribbled the contents of the cup into Andrews lap. Instantly Andrew stopped laughing, jumped up shouting “ahhh!”
Minny sprang to Andrews aid and thought he must have been in pain, because she started unbuttoning Andrews trousers, so Andrew was standing there with his trousers round his ankles, and Minny trying to clean his nether regions with a towel, but not all was as it seemed. Milly`s eyes widened and was amazed at size of the bulge in Andrews jockeys, but the bulge in Andrew’s jockeys wasn’t Andrew. It was, in fact, a pair of socks that he’d shoved down there to make himself to appear bigger than he actually was: but not to put a pun on it that was another tail.
© John Manby 2017