Bekhi Ostrowska, Keith Myers and Ian Jarvis


The day of the street party is finally here
The children of the village let out a cheer
Lukai, Bill; Susan and Paul,
Daphne in the middle, throwing a ball.
The hum of the quad bikes disturbing the air,
Bekhi, James and Lisa, faces full of glare.
George and Betty, thinking ‘what’s all the fuss?
Anyone would think we’d ran over their puss!’
Desmond and Judith – peacemakers to a fault
Start blowing bubbles, to prevent Lukai’s bolt.
The clowns start performing, to make the air fun,
Lisa, with smiles, offers the children a bun
The jesters are juggling, keeping the vibe upbeat.
The fragrant flowers fabulously
Keeping the scent of the air sweet.
All the village hopeful, their eyes on the prize
When Greenpeace get the money, the charity will rise
We’re proud of our village ~ the good and the bad
Our hearts filled with pride ~
For that we are glad!



James and Lisa are meeting other members of the street at the street party. Desmond and Judy are hoping the jesters and clowns entertain.

Becky and Lukai have a flower workshop. After the goings on with the quad bikes, we are all pleasantly surprised when George and Betty walk up the street and apologise about it. But then they change and start throwing Lisa’s cakes about.
They complain about Bekhi and Lukai flower power and son, and say that Desmond and Judith are boring. Then they storm away from the other neighbours and go to the White House. So the rest of the people march to the White House and bang on the door. When it is opened they are asked for an apology, please.

“We are trying to get on with each other,” they say, “and you won’t try to.”

We will call a truce and see if we can come to some understanding.

But George and Betty say we are at the White Cottage. We are superior to the rest of you.

If you want to knock at our door, we are not at liberty to answer.

So stick that in your bonnets.

The rest of the street agree not to bother with those people at the White Cottage.

Let’s call it a stalemate.


“I’m glad that the arguments have been resolved,” Desmond muttered to himself. Desmond went back to the book stall. It can’t be easy for George and Betty, trying to adjust to life in a small village. It’s not the sort of place for quad bikes, Desmond thought. The books were selling well. Desmond smiled when he’d finished counting how much they made. I hope the other stalls are doing just as well, he thought. I know that most people aren’t exactly fond of George and Betty but they could have been worse. Daphne was a great help. The smell of cakes was making him feel hungry. He went to get some slices of cake and some juice for Judith and her friends.