by Patrick Lawn

This street is in a very peaceful, picturesque part of the countryside. The village is just outside Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales. The house is the creamy coloured one near the middle and has four front windows and a front door, and has a light brown coloured tiled roof with two driveways. The man who lives here is the village GP called Dr Jones. He lives there with his wife Samantha and two children. Samantha works at the village shop and store. She also works part time in the village pub on an evening. The children go to a local school. Also in the village in the house on the far right of the picture is a lady vet who works at a veterinary practice called the Bluebells Animal Sanctuary. They call the vet Karen and she is single, and divorced from her previous husband, who was violent and abusive. The ex-husband used to come round to the house in the village and force his way in and harass his ex-wife Karen, but she had a court injunction to keep him away. Karen enjoys playing badminton and playing table tennis and she doe this by being involved in some local teams. Also Karen owns two cats and a dog. Over the other side from the road to the village pub, which is called the White Swan, is a solicitor who works in criminal law. He is called Angus Skelton and is Scottish. He travels to Leeds every day in his car. Leeds is where he has his main offices, called Kelsey’s solicitors. the solicitor in question has a passion for watching football and supports his favourite team, which is Celtic Rangers. He travels up to Glasgow by train every now and again to watch his team play at their stadium. Angus is single and had never married, and he also enjoys oil painting as a hobby at weekends. He enjoys painting local landscapes around the Yorkshire Dales. The street party in Lawnington actually and finally takes place. The purpose is to raise funds for Cancer Research and Diabetes UK. All agreed these would be the causes for all the money raised. The stalls were all there, selling various kinds of clothing in all different sizes and colours. There was an Edinburgh Woollen Mill stall selling pullovers, coats and trousers and other ladies and gents clothing. There was a shoes and boots stall run by Paver Shoes, and also a Levis jeans stall. The cakes and gateaux stall did well and the cheese and fruit scones were very popular. The sausage rolls, quiche Lorraine and sandwiches also got completely sold out. Angus Skelton the solicitor presented a Punch and Judy show to the children and then performed some of his fire-eating skills for the audience. Dr Jones the GP and his wife Samantha ran a magic show for the adults and the children. The weather stayed fine and sunny all day long, and the stalls and all the money raised for the two charities exceeded all expectations. Angus the Solicitor and Alan the GP and his wife and Karen the vet all made up and were friends again after their argument over the street party arrangements.