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All’s Well That Ends Well: Choosing the Perfect Ending

By Amy Stewart Credit: Thom Holmes via Unsplash When you've spent a lot of time working on something, whether it's a short poem or a full novel, you want to make sure that you wrap it up in a way... Continue Reading →

Book Recommendation: The Mercies

By Amy Stewart I don't know about you, but one of my favourite things about summer is long, lazy afternoons - perfect for reading in the sun! And if you're looking for a book to dive into, we've got just... Continue Reading →

8 Inspiring Writing Prompts

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Today we've rounded up eight prompts to help get the inspiration flowing. Use them to add a new scene to an existing story, or start by free writing and seeing where it takes you. Enjoy!... Continue Reading →

My Feet in Heaven Walk by Charley

Today on the blog, we've got the last of our 'spring'-themed submissions. This lovely poem by Charley was inspired by the vibrant daffodils in the Museum Gardens. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Thank you so... Continue Reading →

In My Garden Spring Does Show by Lynne Parkin

Hello everyone, and happy Friday. I hope you've had a lovely week and managed to find some time for writing. Today, we're bringing you another submission on our 'spring' theme. This theme proved to be particularly popular, so it seems... Continue Reading →

Spring by Catherine Carroll

Today on the blog, we're bringing you the next in our series of submissions on last month's theme: spring. This piece by Catherine captures all the little joys that this time of year brings (as well as the potential hayfever!)... Continue Reading →

Spring by Kevin Keld

Happy Friday all! I hope you've had a nice week, and are finding small things to enjoy - whether that's the blossom appearing on the trees, or a walk in the park with a friend. Today on the blog, we've... Continue Reading →

Spring Chick by Eleanor Thompson

Hello everyone! Today we have the second of our submissions on 'spring'. We hope you enjoy this fabulously inventive and beautifully written short piece by student volunteer, Eleanor Thompson! Credit: DesignerVN Spring Chick By Eleanor Thompson Before the first crack... Continue Reading →

Spring Poem by Keith Myers

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a lovely April so far. In the spirit of spring, today we're publishing the first of our submissions on last month's theme! This wonderful poem by Keith is full of brightness and hope, a... Continue Reading →

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