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Feelings of Winter

By Joe Murray Smith Steadfast on the light even hills Lush greensward soft beneath my feet clammy teasing wind flutters  spinning moments of sun turning warm, lifting to the theatre of day rays gently capture lustre bright upon the hills... Continue Reading →

Pale Snow

by Milly Watson My fingertips are numb, soaked within a coating of liquid frost, small clusters of ice still curling within the creases of a palm, spiking tiny stings of pain,yet I barely notice. Soft crunches ring out with each... Continue Reading →

Holiday Rumble

by Junior Mark Cryle “Hat?” “Check.” “Boots?” “Check.” “Belly like a bowlful of jelly?” Santa gave a pat to his front, his belly jiggled in response. “Ho-Ho-Ho,check indeed” he replied. “Full of holiday cheer, check” Mrs. Claus said between giggles.... Continue Reading →

Winter Poem

by Keith Myers The snow is falling, the land is covered in white The wind is light so perhaps through the snow we can see a light Once it has stopped we will take the sled to a fieldAt the... Continue Reading →

Snowman’s Revenge by Kevin Keld

Credit: Matt Seymour via Unsplash Today, we're proudly introducing the last of our submissions on December's 'snow' theme: Snowman's Revenge by Kevin Keld. Thank you to everyone who submitted, we've loved reading and sharing your work. This dark and clever... Continue Reading →

Snow by Keith Myers

Credit: Mira Kemppainen via Unsplash Today we're sharing the second of the pieces submitted for our December theme - 'Snow' by Keith Myers. Enjoy this perfectly crafted winter scene full of nostalgia and atmosphere, and look out for our January... Continue Reading →

Snow Globes by Michael Fairclough

Credit: N. via Unsplash A big thank you to everyone who submitted entries to our last call for submissions! We've received some really fantastic writing, and I can't wait to share it with you all. Next month's theme will be... Continue Reading →


by Christina Sheep, sheep, sheep Sheep, Sheep, Sheep we follow along like sheep The government says Stay Home, Save lives, Save the NHS Do this and do that and follow along blind Trying to keep us safe and alive The... Continue Reading →

Samantha’s Secret…

by Michael Fairclough   Samantha’s secret shared in winks and nods A silence before the storm now gestures erupt A strangle with chains and an artful chop Timber - to late.  And down he plops. A commotion of limbs the... Continue Reading →

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