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I Am

by Lynne Parkin

I am light, I am dark,
I am love, I am hate,
I reduce my men to tears
Then skinless bones.
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Two Men meet on a Train Platform and Shake Hands

by D.M. O’Connor

Harry and Floyd approached each other and initiated their well-rehearsed, convoluted and passionate greeting.

This was also known as Handshake of the Year 2017. Harry held his hand high up as Floyd took a run and a leap and made the running high-5 to initiate the HOTY 2017. Continue reading “Two Men meet on a Train Platform and Shake Hands”

Covent Garden

by Lynne Parkin

The voices of yesteryear mingle with today’s,
The smiles on empty faces have evolved;
You watch the colours fading like an old rug by the hearth,
The vintage pots like sugar cubes melt away.
The sounds of peoples’ voices fill your ears
like hearing aids on full volume.

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Lost in Their Minds

by Adam Frances Bell

As I walk
through this dull darkened and discoloured
atmospheric and dampened building
of this unnerving bleak alien grand Manor House
of which once had a heart that beats
of the people who was struck down and locked away
out of sight out of their minds
as mental illness grew day by day so did the frustrations and anger
when the society wouldn’t hear and see them again.

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Tales of Eric

by Jonathan Edwards

Eric Super Hero

A boy of 12/13 in Crewe dedicated and devoted to his passion of Man United December 1996 – 20 years ago.

One inspiring player with a rebel image, tremendous skill, strength and great ability.

Hooray pies and a lucky elephant always added to the match day experience. Continue reading “Tales of Eric”

Steaks on a Train

… a low budget version of a Samuel L. Jackson Film

by Damian O’Connor

Clickety clack on the East Coast Mainline
The carriage is full, the trains on time
A passionate fella has a shopping bag Continue reading “Steaks on a Train”


by Adam Francis Bell

When I was feeling cold truth be told through the rocky times at that hardest moment of hardship of rhythm and rhyme and spirits in my mind in time as the clock chimes Continue reading “Void-Moon-Light”

Be a Dare Devil

by Pat Miller

I used to be a dare devil
I always rose to another level
I’ve got the bruises and the scars
But that never stopped me going bizarre. Continue reading “Be a Dare Devil”


by Adam Francis Bell

As I try to find my safe inner shelter in my mind’s eye to help me and guide me out of my turmoil I was going through. Life to me was like going down a helter-skelter Continue reading “Life”

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