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Bob Blogworthy

Enter the confines of the defined

by Bob Blogworthy

 He likes to run, he doesn’t like to rush
He likes television, he doesn’t like adverts
He likes music, he doesn’t like noise Continue reading “Enter the confines of the defined”


Poetry Collection

By Bob Blogworthy

I can play with words
Mix them up and make them fit
In time to end this….
Haiku, shit!

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What Makes You Think..

by Bob Blogworthy

What makes you think
You can say something like that
About me, you twat.

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Imperfect Recollections of a Perfect Day

by Bob Blogworthy

We met, we drank, we walked, we talked. We watched as an errant lightbulb bobbed softly along the river, we matched it slow meandering, no need to hurry we had all the time in the world, furthermore the world was ours. Continue reading “Imperfect Recollections of a Perfect Day”

48 Years and Counting

by Bob Blogworthy

48 and counting

Counting years

Counting time

Wishing away both Continue reading “48 Years and Counting”

A manic-depressive’s love poem.

by Bob Blogworthy

There is a brighter tomorrow
Within my sphere of sorrow
You are the star I follow
The long beacon of light
Throughout this endless night
Now you know, so now you’ll go.

© Bob Blogworthy

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