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Chris Bartlett


by Chris Bartlett More sensation than flavour, clinical and soft, it is the thing that stops me from tasting air, could this be the thing that prevents me from talking; the thing that keeps me alive. I pull hard with... Continue Reading →


by Chris Bartlett The sun sat high and fat in the sky as she slowly remembered just how bright and invasive it could be. She wasn’t at all comfortable being out in the open, even though it was something she’d... Continue Reading →

Return of the Man

by Chris Bartlett He was really pushing his luck this time and he knew it; those bloody things had been chasing him for weeks now, and he’d skipped about 300 years in the past few days alone. Under normal circumstances,... Continue Reading →

S42 Script Test

by Chris Bartlett 1. FADE IN                                                         EXT. VERY OLD CITY CENTRE PUB - DAY 2016 - In the middle of York tucked down a cobbled alleyway is The Old Grey Old Mare; a crooked faced, listed Georgian building. INT. A SMOKY... Continue Reading →

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