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Damian O’Connor

Parker Street

by Lynne Parkin and D. M. O’Connor


The day of the street party had finally arrived. Poppy Lewis was dressed immaculately, with the assistance of her partner Avril Jones.

“You do look rather fetching, Poppy,” complimented Avril.

“Well, let’s get out there and party, Avril.” Continue reading “Parker Street”


Two Men meet on a Train Platform and Shake Hands

by D.M. O’Connor

Harry and Floyd approached each other and initiated their well-rehearsed, convoluted and passionate greeting.

This was also known as Handshake of the Year 2017. Harry held his hand high up as Floyd took a run and a leap and made the running high-5 to initiate the HOTY 2017. Continue reading “Two Men meet on a Train Platform and Shake Hands”

Steaks on a Train

… a low budget version of a Samuel L. Jackson Film

by Damian O’Connor

Clickety clack on the East Coast Mainline
The carriage is full, the trains on time
A passionate fella has a shopping bag Continue reading “Steaks on a Train”

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