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Kevin Paylor

Doner Kebab

by Kevin Paylor

Taste buds annihilated by liberal partaking of snuff; also a prime candidate to represent Team GB when smoking is elected as a future Olympic sport.
Gnashers not only a testament to teething but dictated by past juvenile exuberance of biting off bottle tops and altercations with New York Dockers.

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Black Ensign

by Kevin Paylor

The blood of Generation X
spilt on a splattered
Altar of mammon.
A God that is spelt
backwards is Dog.
Now there is a Bitch
in heaven.

Laws to create legitimating
myths to demonise and rewrite history.
The opposite of Liberty
empowerment and growth.

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Electric Orange

by Kevin Paylor

With unfathomable stoicism
Captain Sensible flicked the switch.
A nation looking inward,
incestuous and unsavoury.

The Civil War had resulted
in mass emigration and taking to the oceans.
Outward looking people
nauseated by Big Brother and X-Factor Britain.

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