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Lynne Parkin

Parker Street

by Lynne Parkin and D. M. O’Connor


The day of the street party had finally arrived. Poppy Lewis was dressed immaculately, with the assistance of her partner Avril Jones.

“You do look rather fetching, Poppy,” complimented Avril.

“Well, let’s get out there and party, Avril.” Continue reading “Parker Street”


I Am

by Lynne Parkin

I am light, I am dark,
I am love, I am hate,
I reduce my men to tears
Then skinless bones.
Continue reading “I Am”

Covent Garden

by Lynne Parkin

The voices of yesteryear mingle with today’s,
The smiles on empty faces have evolved;
You watch the colours fading like an old rug by the hearth,
The vintage pots like sugar cubes melt away.
The sounds of peoples’ voices fill your ears
like hearing aids on full volume.

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