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Timothy Wynn-Werninck

Retrospect – A collection

By Timothy Wynn-Werninck


I am bored of bloody brexit

It’s always on the Telly

In or out shake it all about

it is as if there is no other news

Every crumb, every morsel savoured a newspapers editor’s delight.


Money spent on who knows what?

In the papers reams of trees cut down

Tabloids to put over their points of view

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By Timothy Wynn-Werninck

Wandering, sauntering. You do not necessarily know where you are going but it is a good way to relax. You drift maybe there is time to come up with solutions to problems. It is a way of releasing the pressures of the day.

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The Telephone Box

By Timothy Wynn-Werninck

It was a dark and stormy night. The Rain beat against the Box. The box was strong though, and had the GPO crown on the top. Unlike it city cousins it was the pride of the community and Farmer Giles painted it every year in post office red.

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Colour, shape, texture, smell.

By Timothy Wynn-Werninck

Interweaving, interconnecting strands of Fibre, free flowing, Waving Shades of stuff that remain invisible. There are there and thank God otherwise we would all be in trouble. Discarded out of hand as we do not walk around with Microscopes on our head.

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Chivenor Road

Anthony Stansfield and Timothy Wynn-Werninck


At number 1, Mrs Murgatroyd – a retired primary head teacher – now a school inspector for North Devon District Council. She has a disabled husband and two daughters, Polly and Lucy, and three grandchildren. Continue reading “Chivenor Road”

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